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Pure unpasterized local honey
beeswax lip balm in different flavours
Garlic scape compound butter

At Stonehill Farm we raise honey bees. They are thriving on the land of pine, clover, wildflower and fruit.

Our honey is 100% pure, raw honey.

The first 2023 harvest is jarred and available to purchase. 

We also have 3 different flavours of beeswax lip balms -  Honey Vanilla, Lemon Lavander and Peppermint.

You can find our honey here at the farm in Upper Cornwall. Just send us a message or if the open sign is out, stop on in!

Check in this summer to see what we have to offer in the garden!


The past harvest provided 14 different herbs, 6 varieties of tomatoes, 6 varieties of peppers, yellow and green beans, carrots, leeks and 4 different onions, melon, okra, 3 strains of garlic, squash and cucumbers.

Ask about our garlic scape and chive blossom butters......available to pick up through special order.

Fill out the contact form or reach out to Angela at or 902-541-0662 for any product inquiries.








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