• Angela Jay

Welcome to Stonehill Farm and Garden House & Cottages

Follow us on Instagram and our blog to see the progress and be a part of our journey while we clean up the land, find a comfy home for the honey bees and dive into a project of a lifetime.

Our project is going to consist of a few phases and a few dedicated years.

  • Phase 1 is our temporary one bedroom bungalow we are calling "The Garden House"

  • Phase 2 is repairing the 140 year old barn's exterior

  • Phase 3 is renovating the original farmhouse

With phase four's vision we are planning to build a series of small cottages on our 40 acres. The roads are already in place winding through a tiered sloped hill. The higher you go to more of the lake across the field you can see.

First - let's get us onto this property and start phase one! Wish us luck!

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