• Angela Jay

We Bought a Project in Nova Scotia!

Yes we did! We bought an old abandoned farmhouse in Nova Scotia. Stay tuned to see the progress and be a part of our journey while we clean up the land, find a comfy home for the honey bees and dive into a renovation project of a lifetime.

As a contractor and designer team, we are excited about working together on our personal project we will call home.

This was supposed to be a 5 year plan and unfortunately it was cut short by a couple of years. We have been focusing on building our contracting and design business since we arrived here from Ontario in 2018 and needed a little more time before switching gears into our own project.

Covid hit and the 'profit for housing' crisis began. Along with thousands across this province, we were a casualty of landlords wanting to cash-in on their investment properties. Our home was listed for sale and if anyone is familiar with the renting issue in the area, you know there was nowhere available to rent.

We were luckier than most; we don’t have any children at home to worry about and we already had property in the same area. It just didn’t have a livable structure on it. We both thought it was impossible to renovate the original farmhouse in the timeline we had and it would be much more efficient to build a new house.

Being in the industry, we had an advantage. I quickly set aside our original plan of building a story and a half carriage house and resorted to an easier plan. The challenge was to make two dwellings look like they speak to each other and not look like two separate houses on one property.

Introducing “The Garden House”

The Garden House

Our temporary home is an 832 square foot one bedroom, one bathroom bungalow, which we will turn into a guest house once the farmhouse is renovated. Are you thinking small? I’m okay with that because right now we rent a 740 square foot cottage – the extra square feet and high ceilings are going to feel like a dream!

To date we have the foundation in and the exterior walls up. James has been transferred to this ‘jobsite’ and the crew has been wonderful to volunteer on weekends and help finish this project.

……and this view! I can’t wait to wake up to these open skies and expansive views. You will find us out on the porch at the end of a busy day enjoying a cocktail and some serenity.

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