• Angela Jay

It's Been Almost a Year!

Can you believe it’s been almost a year since we moved into the house? The end of September will mark a full year anniversary and I haven’t posted any photos! The IG account got most of the attention but I should make more of an effort to post on the blog – my apologies it’s been quite a busy time!

Running an entire other business and trying to complete the house was overwhelming but well worth it.

Where are we? Almost complete – with a few cosmetic things to finish. The temporary countertops are still on, which stops us from installing the backsplash. A few cabinet doors need to be painted and installed and the trim needs a fresh coat of paint.

I am still lacking a closet system in the WIC – but let’s face it, I usually do a poor job hanging up my clothes anyway! The exterior porch ceiling needs to be painted a Haint Blue and I’ve chosen three colours from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams to decide on. Maybe I will get the followers’ opinion on that, as well as the front door colour.

Stay tuned for the finished porch and some interior shots!

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